“I’ve had lots of massages but never one using both the feet as well as hands. I was slightly apprehensive but needn’t have worried. A rope slung over the length of a mattress on the floor; a calm dimly lit and warm room. No twangy music. The sensations you are experiencing sweep over your body. It is hardly like being massaged by a human at all. More like being pummelled by the sea or buffeted by winds or feeling like a tree growing. Sorry if this sounds fanciful but this massage is not so much relaxing as releasing. My body and mind freed up, invigorated, and by the end peaceful and ready for the day.”

“Experiencing Mathew's massage is truly transformative, as much a treatment for the soul as for the body”

“One of the most exceptional body-work experiences I've had. And I've tried a lot. Mathew is friendly, professional and extremely skilled. I felt like I was with someone who knew exactly what they were doing, and so was able to trust the full body approach of his work. I left feeling fantastic: integrated, lighter, positive and calmly energised. If you want a game-changing massage, this is it”

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